Saturday, 20 December 2014

Legendary Australian genre zines #1 - REEL WILD CINEMA by John Harrison. Get the compendium now!!!!!

Melbourne writer John Harrison’s Reel Wild Cinema: The Anthology of Eclectic Film and Video is a recently-released compendium of Harrison’s much-missed fanzine Reel Wild Cinema, originally published between 1997-1999. Back in the earliest days of the World Wide Web, when genre writers had to rely on old reference books, far and few between magazine articles and ropey, murky, often cut to pieces VHS prints, John published six issues of RWC on his “old Brother electric typewriter, with a bit of help from the primitive computer at my local library whenever it was available”.  Focussing on all manner of obscure, cult, horror and (s)exploitation films, RWC has always been one of the most memorable of Australian genre zines, thanks to Harrison’s always entertaining articles and reviews, and the abundance of juicy stills and VHS cover art/posters each issue always contained. Not only, as the cover says, do we get ‘vintage video reviews, classic XXX grindhouse, Hong Kong action, Pete Walker and Italian zombies’, Harrison covered everything from Marjoe Gortner to Toni Basil to 80’s teen sex comedies. And it’s jam packed with reviews (including The Killing of America, Hell Penetentiary, Pieces, Night of the Zombies, Survive!, Let Me Die a Woman, Mantis in Lace and other miscellaneous grot titles that those in the know used to trawl the video shelves for.  A very enjoyable read, nostalgic time capsule and invaluable addition to any horror/cult/trash fan’s bookshelves, Reel Wild Cinema is definitely WELL worth its miniscule $15 price (available at Amazon at the link below).

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