Saturday, 4 April 2015

Link to my Kuno Hoffman - "The Vampire of Nuremberg" article at CINEMADROME

Link to my latest article at Robert Monell's CINEMADROME forums (where I also have my own section featuring my various writings and reviews), 'Kuno Hoffman - "The Vampire of Nuremberg" (and basis for the 1977 film MOSQUITO DER SCHANDER/BLOODLUST)'.

The piece focuses on the life and crimes of German 'vampire killer' Kuno Hoffman, a black magic and corpse-obsessed maniac who was the basis for the disturbing 1977 Swiss film BLOODLUST, starring Werner Pochath in the Hoffman role. ..."Kuno Hofmann was born in 1931, a deaf mute subjected to horrendous cruelty from his alcoholic father, a notorious criminal whose convictions included burglary, child abuse and attempted murder of a young woman he had raped. Almost... since birth Kuno was his father’s punching bag – at age one he was hung on a wooden window frame and brutally beaten. On another occasion his father shoved him into a sack and threw him away."... "Hofmann, via sign language, tried to explain everything, insisting he was no vampire but that his extreme loneliness, alienation and isolation, that he could not experience a normal relationship with a woman, led him to commit the appalling acts."...

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