Saturday, 1 October 2016

My review of ex-pioneering Hollywood stuntwoman and singer/songwriter Marneen Lynne Fields' stunning new single, 'I've Never Stopped Loving You'

Former pioneering Hollywood stuntwoman, actress and now multi-talented singer-songwriter Marneen  Lynne Fields’ latest single, ‘I’ve Never Stopped Loving You’ is an immaculately produced and wonderfully addictive pop-rock track. Fields’ sultry, earthy vocals have a welcome touch of chanteuse Marcella Detroit, emoting her words in a heartfelt, passionate, at times playful way. The instrumental backup amalgamates perfectly with Fields’ distinct voice; soaring keyboards, poignant piano, punchy guitar. These, plus Fields’ lyrics all combine to create a wonderfully memorable, unique and touching single.  With an equally impressive body of musical work, here’s hoping that Marneen will soon release a much-anticipated album.

Listen to Mareen's new single HERE:


  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful review of my new single Michelle. I was not familiar with Marcella Detroit's music. I had some time to listen to her and love the comparison. Each of these songs will appear on my solo album that I hope to release in 2018. Had to post and comment and follow here as John because all urls I put in wouldn't allow me. I don't have a Goggle account yet. Love, Marneen Lynne Fields

    1. It was my absolute pleasure, Marneen. All the best for you and your career in 2017!!!