Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A popular 'mystery' soundtrack cue unveiled (best known from the U.S. cut of TORSO)

Best known as the 'killer guitar riffs' during the opening scenes of the U.S. cut of TORSO, Alan Parker’s ‘Hippy’, a piece of music from the KPM library, is a music cue used a number of times in 1970’s horror/exploitation movies. A searing piece consisting of a series of sharp, abrasive (but addictive as hell) Hendrix-esque guitar riffs, ‘Hippy’ turned up in the opening credits of the U.S. releases of TORSO and THE STRANGE LOVE OF THE VAMPIRES, as well as in DEADLY WEAPONS. A small snippet of it also appears in John Hillcoat’s brutal, realistic 1988 prison masterpiece GHOSTS OF THE CIVIL DEAD.

**The KPM music library was a popular source for the music scoring of numerous 1970's and 1980's porn films.