Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Lost Art of Horror VHS covers - U.S. edition

As a companion to my earlier post of original 1980s U.S. cinema newspaper ads (kindly supplied to me by Long Island independent filmmaker Keith Crocker (The Bloody Ape, Escape from Stalag 69), here's a - very small - sample of Keith's incredible VHS collection. This selection consists of some of my personal favourite U.S. VHS horror/trash cover art, most of which were released by the legendary Wizard Video.


  1. thanks for sharing this collection of VHS covers its certainly a trip down memory lane of how films were marketing back in 80's

    1. Thanks for your feedback Michael, you certainly don't get that sort of wonderfully lurid marketing these days with film cover art, everything is airbrushed blandsville.

  2. My mouth was watering and you know what, I own these tapes (LOL)...thanks Michelle for sharing this, I'm delighted to have these museum pieces as they are now a very important part of film history.