Friday, 15 February 2013

Welcome to Chelle's Inferno!!! I'm not one for rambling introductions, so in a nutshell I'm a longtime fan (20 years) of the finer things in life - Eurohorror, trash, (s)exploitation and cult cinema (and their soundtracks), classic metal and punk, true crime, kitsch culture, retro computer games, etc....

Also a all too-infrequent genre writer - former reviewer for Australia's #1 horror website Digital Retribution and co-writer/publisher of Archetype Malice back in the day.
I'm finally getting back into writing, thanks to inspiration from several brilliant genre scribes Robert Monell, Keith Crocker, Heather Drain and Casey Scott and last but definitely not least Melbourne's own John Harrison (Sin Street Sleaze) and Adam Lee (Spasmo Mixtape).

Some random favourite films off the top of my head - Ghosts of the Civil Dead, Scum, Cannibal Holocaust, Deep Red, Tenebrae, Christiane F, The Girl in the Yellow Pyjamas, Rabid Dogs, Shock, Class of 1984, The House by the Cemetary, Beyond the Darkness, Absurd, To be Twenty....

Back after I figure out how this thing works...only 7 years too late!!!!!

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