Sunday, 12 May 2013

THE EXPLOITATION JOURNAL - one of the greatest of the classic horror fanzines

Step back in time to the halcyon days of horror/exploitation zinedom with THE EXPLOITATION JOURNAL, one of the most legendary publications of the era co-founded by Cinefear president Keith Crocker. First published in 1987, what made EXJ a standout from the rest of the pack was that it featured amongst the first IN-DEPTH articles on Andy Milligan, Michael and Roberta Findlay, Jess Franco and Joe D’Amato. Back when hardcore fans of exploitation and drive-in cinema had to rely on fanzines for their information before everything could be found in one click, they could count on EXJ for carefully researched material featuring Keith’s inimitable, entertaining writing style (as opposed to the avalanche of tedious imitation zines that followed consisting of text ripped off verbatim from mainstream horror mags, repetition of facts everyone already knows and sloppily-written film reviews).
Beginning as a typewritten, photocopied zine, THE EXPLOITATION JOURNAL gradually transformed into a more professionally produced, desktop-published read, whilst continuing to fill its pages with quality articles on diverse subjects such as Victor Israel and AIP biker films and rare interviews with NOT the usual suspects (i.e. producer Don Davison, director Norman J. Warren, actors Mel Wells and Carol Speed, and more). As well as special issues dedicated to Spanish and Mexican horror films, American drive-in filmmakers, and ‘The Last House on the Left’.
But enough talk, check out THE EXPLOITATION JOURNAL for yourself – the early out of print zines are free for you read here at the Cinefear blog (so far the first six are issues are fully scanned, keep checking back as every OOP issue will be eventually scanned and added to the blog). Check out this groundbreaking chapter in genre publications here:

And later available back issues can be purchased for spare change: Each issue is $5 including shipping for U.S. customers, $8 for overseas customers via surface mail, $10 for airmail. Pay by credit card, check or money order. Get ‘em HERE before they’re gone forever!!!!!

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