Sunday, 5 May 2013

Visit CINEFEAR VIDEO for all your horror/trash/(s)explotation film wants -

Been searching for years for that long-‘lost’ movie you’ve been itching to see but no luck? Been burned too many times by dodgy traders/sellers? Tired of viruses from the torrents gamble?  Check out Keith Crocker’s CINEFEAR VIDEO, one of the longest-running sources for rare and unavailable films, operating since 1990. A collector’s site run by fans for fans, Cinefear is dedicated to first-rate, highly knowledgeable and quality service, have advertised in all the major genre publications (Fangoria, Psychotronic etc), and been quoted in Time Magazine. Want lists are also accepted; if not in stock, Cinefear Video will search for every request, no matter how obscure!
Browse through the site’s extensive catalogue (regularly updated!!!) and have your horror/trash/(s)exploitation appetite whetted by everything from the old faves (Argento, Fulci, Bava, D’Amato, Franco, Deodato), to the most obscure giallos, to the Turkish no-budget Hollywood rip-offs, to classic  TV movies unavailable anywhere, to silent and golden-age chillers, to vintage porn, you name it and it’s there! Visit CINEFEAR VIDEO now for QUALITY service and QUALITY source materials from true connoisseurs!

...and if, like myself, you've been curious about whether the hardcore cut of the late, great Jess Franco's EXORCISM - with Tio Jess himself as one of the XXX perfomers (!!!) - YES it does exist and is avaliable at Cinefear Video for those inclined...

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